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Yin Zhai Feng Shui: Erecting The Headstone

Yin Zhai Feng Shui: Erecting The Headstone

Erecting The Headstone with Grandmaster Francis Leyau

Location: Memorial Park

Sunday 29th August 2004, 7am – 9am

The grave site ready for the headstone to be erected.

Joss sticks and offerings to the “guardian” of this gravesite. A gravesite with good Feng Shui is regarded as “Treasure” and as many legends, sites containing treasure are always protected by guardians. Prayers of  “asking the guardian to allow erection of headstone” are made before the process starts. On the left is the plate filled with uncooked rice on which the Luo Pan (feng shui compass) will be placed.

Close-up plate filled with rice on which the Feng Shui Master will place the Luo Pan during the proceedings. A Chinese “Red Packet” is put on top of the rice. It is forbidden to place the Luo Pan directly on the ground.

The place of uncooked rice with Luo Pan placed on top. The Luo Pan is placed in such a way that the needle points to the exact position where the headstone is intended to face.

When the Feng Shui master places his Luo Pan ike this for the first time, it is mandatory that the surrounding people remain silent.

The yellow paper rolled around some joss sticks and placed under the pineapple is the offering for the “marking” of the line of headstone.

At the auspicious time, the Feng Shui Master (Grandmaster Francis Leyau in Blue) will give the signal for the worker to erect the Headstone.

Once the Headstone is in position, the Feng Shui Master will check its alignment with his Luo Pan.

The headstone is adjusted accordingly to the master’s instructions. This process of adjustment and re-measuring continue until the master is satisfied with the alignment.

The Feng Shui Master will take his Luo Pan reading from several points on the headstone to ensure that the alignment is absolutely correct.

A little hole is built behind the headstone which will then filled with small quantity of earth from the grave and some pebbles. The hole is known as the “Throat of the Dragon” and serve as the connection between the headstone and the grave. The “Qi” from the grave is transmitted to the headstone through this hole…

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