Yi Jing In Flying Star Feng Shui Mastery Course

  • You must know how to draw the flying star chart and their applications to the House.
  • You must understand the Flying Star Feng Shui.

Yi Jing In Flying Star Feng Shui Mastery Course

Do you know that the “flying star” is actually based on “Hexagram” and not “TRIGRAM” to analyze events. And which of the two numbers from the flying star formed the Hexagram?

Do you know when to apply “The early heaven” and “The later heaven” Ba Gua in YI Jing flying feng shui?

When to apply “Sum of 10″ and ” Combo of He Tu” in 81 combinations, Why 3-8 can also be good and Bad at the same time. Why most of the “combo of ten” are bad. Can you tell which pair is good?

Which trigram is 5 represents? It is Yin or Yang? What is the Hexagram for 25 and 52 ,can they be the same?

In this course, You will learn the meaning of the 81 combinations based on the 64 hexagrams in YI Jing to analyze flying Star chart accurately on the incident occurred.