Flying Star Feng Shui Course

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Mastery Course

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Mastery Course is a 28 hours (Four days) intensive Feng Shui workshop organized by Classic Feng Shui Masstery (known as CFSM). The course is divided into 10 levels covering theoretical and practical training (building and site inspection), explanation and application of Lou pan, textbook exercises, exams and finally, a discussion on the answers to the questions.

To set a standard to the Feng Shui profession and in line with the The Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS) and Classic Feng Shui Mastery (CFSM) program.

The aims of the course are:
  • To impart true knowledge of Feng Shui to students.
  • To enable the students to apply the knowledge to benefit themselves and others.
  • To enable the students to earn full or part time income through Feng Shui training and consultancy.
What is true knowledge of Feng Shui?

It is a knowledge that relates purely to Feng Shui i.e no magic, no psychology, no generalization and no superstition. You will not be taught things like, when you place a special items here, money will start running to you; or you must place a fierce picture to frighten burglars; or trees in front of your door is bad; or you must place your altar or bagua mirror here to receive good luck.

All our Feng Shui arrangements are supported by explanations and formulae that were not set by us but by our “Feng Shui” Ancestors. This true knowledge of Feng Shui was directly inherited by CAFS Founder, Grandmaster Francis Leyau, the only remaining disciple in the fourth generation of the Tan’s San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui School, whose origin can be traced back to the early part of this century. Books on theories of Yin (graveyard) and Yang (houses, offices, factories etc) Feng Shui and practical experiences authored by our Feng Shui Ancestor, Master Tan Yang Wu of the above mentioned school are now in Master Leyau’s possession.

Skills and knowledge gained

Besides the basic Feng Shui skills and knowledge gained in this course, students will have a clear understanding of what is and what is not Feng Shui. They will be able to reason why some businesses succeed while others fail. For those with children, an ideal place to enhance their mental strength and obedience can also be located. Skills acquired include ability to identify good location for home or business thus, improving health, wealth and good fortune; ability to minimize bad effects and maximize good effects.

Day 1

  1. Formation of Ba Gua Wu Chi, Tai Ji, Two Poles, Four Phenomena
  2. Name of Ba Gua, their symbol and implications
  3. Derivation of the Ten Heavenly Stems and their cardinal points and seasonal combination
  4. Derivation of the Twelve Earthly Branches and their cardinal points, seasonal combination
  5. 60 year cycle of calendar and the 24 solar terms
  6. Early Heaven Sequence Arrangement of Ba Gua and their application
  7. Later Heaven sequence Arrangement of Ba Gua and their application
  8. 24 Mountains (application)
  9. Luo Shu
  10. Computation of Flying Star Chart (Why and how – detail analysis)

Day 2

  1. Terms in Feng Shui (Application and the purpose of the formation, when to apply the correct terms for the purpose to achieve the desire results):
  • Dao Shan Dao Xiang
  • Shang Shan Xia Shui
  • Shuang Xing Dao Xiang
  • Shuang Xing Dao Zuo
  • Fu Mu San Ban Gua
  • Lian Zhu San Ban Gua (Difference of the Fu Mu and Lian Zhu at different period)
  1. He Tu the yellow river diagram (What are Heaven and Earth numbers. Understanding of the Hetu numbers at different space and environment factors. What is Combo of Hetu)
  2. Combination of Ten (What are the strength and how to combine with the external landform)(The Rules of comparing)
  3. Fu Ying
  4. Fan Ying (The important of the conditions and how to apply and analyse the effect of Fu Ying and Fan Ying. Based on Landform -People vs Money. Revealing the method of identifying Fu Ying and Fan Ying)(The Rules of Comparing)
  5. Imprisonment of Star (Effects on the change of Period to the luck of occupants- Identifying the Period change theory) 
  6. Castle Gate (Understanding the correct door opening)- Castle Gate Theory (Different between the Castle Gate and Castle gate theory, application on the theory)
  7. Ling Shen (Pure San yuan water placement technique – Time and strength of placement by using Actual Flying star numbers for the correct placement)
  8. Zheng Shen
  9. Robbery of the Seven Stars (4 important key points on the application to enhance health and wealth)
  10. Substitute Star (History and details of this application use or not to use)
  11. Implications of:
  12. San Sha (Explaination, Identifying and Avoidance of the bad Qi at the correct sector and how it came about)
  13. Wu Huang (Location of the 5 yellow and when it is the strongest, conflicts on the direction or sector?)
  14. Tai Sui (Degree of the Tai Sui cover 15 or 22.5 degree? Activation of Tai Sui to your prospects)
  15. Sui Po (How to avoid the worse sector of the year, failing to do so may induce many unfortunate events)
  16. Annual and Monthly Star (Analyzing the effects of flying stars on the house Period)
Students who completed this Level will have a full understanding of the above topic related to the study of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui

Day 3

  1. Interpretation of the 81 Combinations (Learning the characteristics of the stars and how does it form, deeper understanding on the formations of the 81 combinations thus enabling you to learn without memorizing all)
  2. Application of the 81 Combinations to all flying star charts for period 7 and 8 (Actual combo to the right sectors – detail analysis)
  3. Application of number to Stove, Door, Room, Bed , Water, Road (The One and Only School with this secret method of applications)
  4. Application of number to man
  5. Application of number to external land form (Way of looking at different angle base on flying stars theory)
  6. Case Study from the old text and Analyses
Students who completed this Level understands the interpretation of the combination of number and the application of all the numbers in Flying Star Feng Shui.

Day 4

  1. How to Read Luo Pan
  2. Full explanation of each rings in Luo Pan (Pure San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Method)
  3. Luo pan Application (Pure San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Method)
  4. Void Lines (Pure San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Method to identify the purpose of using it for analysis)
  5. Site Visit and Practical (Flying Star Application – Q&A session). End of Course
Students who completed this Level have reached the advanced theoretical section and the timing of happening in Flying Star Feng Shui. And understands all the Rings in the Luo pan and their application.
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