Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui Course

  • You must know basic Ba Zi.
  • You must know the applications of a San Yuan Luo Pan.
  • You must understand the Flying Star Feng Shui.

San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui Mastery Course

(Applicable to Yin and Yang Feng Shui)
  • Ba Zhai (San He Feng Shui) only works between 45 degrees
  • Flying Star Feng Shui only works between 15 degrees

But Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui works less than 1 degree! It is actually 0.9375 degree!

In the process of learning Feng Shui, Ba Zhai (San He) is for beginner; Flying Star is the intermediate level and Xuan Kong Da Gua is the advanced level. In the path of Feng Shui study, every true students, practitioners and masters will go through this process, which is inevitable.

You will learn how to make use of the 384 Yao in the San Yuan Luo Pan, which has 384 degrees and NOT 360 degrees.

Feng Shui Mastery series of Xuan kong Da Gua is a 28 hours intensive Feng Shui workshop organized by Classic feng Shui Mastery (CFSM). The course is divided into 3 days covering theoretical and practical training (building and site inspection), explanation and application of Lou pan, textbook exercises, exams and finally, a discussion on the answers to the exam questions.

To set a standard to the Feng Shui profession and in line with the CFSM and CAFS program.

The aims of the course are:

  • To impart true knowledge of Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui to students.
  • To enable the students to apply the knowledge to benefit themselves and others.
  • To enable the students to earn full or part time income through Feng Shui training and consultancy.
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