Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui

Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui

In the olden days, the tradition of masters imparting their knowledge of Feng Shui to a follower or disciple was by selecting one of his children or a very close relative. Due to this tradition, it was very difficult for others to have a chance to learn the actual knowledge of Feng Shui.

Nowadays, most of the ‘masters’ are teaching from books that they have read and the interpretations could be very different and sometimes wrong compared to the actual concepts and meanings of the true facts. It is chagrin to learn without guidance from an authentic master.

Master Francis Leyau has had such challenges and experience during his initial time of learning Feng Shui before he met the late Master Sui Beng. In 1983, Master Leyau learned the Liu Fa Feng Shui methods from Master Sui Beng.

In Master Leyau’s Flying Star Feng Shui Course, he imparts some of the Liu Fa methods though he does not mention it to his students, thus his students find his Xuan Kong Flying Star is different from other master’s teachings.

On popular demands from the English speaking students and the recent popularity of the Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui, Master Leyau has taught the Liu Fa Feng Shui.

This is the best opportunity for you to learn the authenticity of the Liu Fa Feng Shui which Master Leyau has learned from the late Master Sui Beng and has passed to his instructors.

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