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Ong Sam Leong

Ong Sam Leong

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Ong Boon Tat & Wife

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Name: Ong Sam Leong
Ancestral Origin: Kinmen, Fujian
Birth / Death: 1857 – 1918
Family History: Both his sons are buried with him as well

Notable contributions to Singapore:


Born in 1857, he dabbled in various business before hitting it big as a supplier of mining workers to phosphate rich Christmas Island. His two sons Boon Tat and Peng Hock, owned the New World Theme Park in Jalan Besar together with the Shaw Brothers.
Sam Leong Street is named after him, and Boon Tat Street after his son.




Aunt of his wife Mdm Yeo was the wife of Song Ong Siang.
His two sons’ tombs is nearby: Ong Boon Tat and Ong Peng Hock.
Look out for the 24 filial piety stories’ carving and the semi circular feng shui design of his tomb