Singapore Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery Gate 

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Special thanks to Asia Paranormal Investigators on their efforts to locate the Notable Singapore Pioneers that are buried in Bukit Brown. Their efforts in organizing the two-day DIY tour on the 19 & 26 June 2011 and marking out the tombs with placards did give us the opportunity to study and experience the rich cultural heritage that has been buried in the mound and grass there. These are the cultural and historical heritage of Bukit Brown, where many of our Singapore pioneers and forefathers from the late 19th century to the early 20th century are buried.

Unfortunately, the Government has urban redevelopment plans for the 86 hectares of land. Many have called for public awareness in the conservation of the cemetery. Once Bukit Brown is removed, we will have lost an irreplacable integral part that binds us to our roots.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, I am proud to be able to investigate through our very own Singapore Bukit Brown, taking note of the wonderful landforms and gravesites. Indeed, the richness of greenery and peace lies in the heart of this hill where our great Singapore Pioneers are laid to rest.

To those who have yet to visit Bukit Brown, come and take a stroll through this historical monument site.

Dennis Lai
June 2011

Master Dennis Lai