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Palmistry Tips: Hands and Character

Palmistry Tips: Hands and Character

Are you aware that simple act of shaking hands can tell a person character? You do not necessarily need to examine the lines on the palm. You can know about a person simply by observing the shape, colour and texture of a person’s hand.

Some hand reading basics:

When any man or woman whose hand seems to slip from yours when you grasp theirs in greeting, it indicate that such persons are deceptive and treacherous. They may put on a friendly smile, but instinctively they regard you as their prey and will only use you for their own object.

A man or woman who gives a good firm grasp of the hand, is self-confident, energetic, and generally reliable.

A person, who keeps his hands closed while talking, is distrustful in his nature.

A firm hand is the sign of an energetic, reliable nature.

When a person had a soft and fat hand, often he or she is a lazy in natural.

A thin hand that feels listless or lack of strength signifies someone who is restless and is often bother by worries. He or she has only sufficient energy to live.

When a hand is cold and clammy (Sweaty), it indicates that the person is sensitive and nervous. It is also a sign of poor health.

Remember that the hands are the immediate servants or instruments of the brain. There are more motive and sensory nerves from the brain to the hand than to any other portion of the body and, whether sleeping or waking, they continually and unconsciously reflect the thought and character of the mind or soul of the individual.

Palmistry: Fingers and Character (Observe the fingers)

If the fingers is short and stumpy in proportion to the rest of the palm – one may be sure that the individual to whom they belong is of an animal nature. They tend to be more on the vulgar side.

When the fingers and palm appear equal in length, it shows that the person belongs to a more cultured race. They’re usually bright, and able to think out of the box during critical moments.

Try to observe the shake you are receiving next time and have fun with the reading.