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Palm Reading Session with Master Irene Toh

Palm Reading Session with Master Irene Toh

A palm reading session by Irene Toh and her customer.

She is guiding her customers on how to make use of their strengths to achieve their goals in life. She also explained how lines on our palm are being formed.

Every line tells a story or event and how it affects one destiny (including one’s health, wealth and relationship) and when the event will take place.

By knowing the future, it will enable you to act with caution during the bad times and grab the opportunities during the good times. As the saying goes, “Do the right things at the right time.”

There is a misunderstanding that palmistry is not as accurate as bazi or ziwei doushu life reading. This is definitely wrong. In fact, both are equally accurate. At the end of the day, it really depends on how skillful the master is? The accuracy of Palmistry is far more than you can imagine.

Is palm reading accurate?

You be should asking what makes it so Accurate?

You can hide your characters and thoughts, but all these can be disclosed just by looking at your palm and the shape of your hand.

A discussion session between Grandmaster leyau and Irene Toh.