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Master Dennis Lai Onsite Projects

Master Dennis Lai Onsite Projects

In the study of Feng Shui, a door is the main Qi mouth of the entire house. Tilting a door require a precise knowledge of Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui and also a precise knowledge of Xuan Kong Flying Stars.

It require a skillful carpenter to have the door direction properly anchored.  Failing which will result a disastrous effect to the house feng shui.

The worker was carefully instructed to measure and align the door to the requirement of the Feng Shui Master.

The inner door of this shop was centered, this is to harness the auspicious Qi from the main door.

Example of a house which has the door tilted.

Even a slight change of  1 degree will benefit the entire unit fengshui. As featured here is a factory tilted door of 1 degree.

Why is this tilted door with a Qian over Qian hexagram. If you would like to know the answer please email .

How to determine the exact cashier location by using Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui cum Flying stars. It will be beneficial for a feng shui practitioner to learn the correct principles behind these complicated theories.

Should the Shop facing or the Building facing are use behind these theories for the correct application of Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui. Looking out is a main lobby door connecting to the shop. Will the activity outside of this shop be able to influence to the correct placement of the main door of the shop. Should I use Flying stars or XKDG Feng Shui?

As seen here I was actually opening the luopan and what do I meant by actually “Opening the Luopan”. By “opening” one should face the “Sun” Direction. Will this be a significant moment for a feng shui audit. But under the study of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui the puzzle will be solved.

Another door was taken out for the renovation works to be carried out using the  Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection.


Master Dennis Lai, founder and instructor of Classic Feng Shui Mastery in one of the Build to Feng Shui Aspect Project.

Correct location and direction of measurement taken is almost important prior to the construction of a door. Can a door have 2 sets of Flying stars numbers? The answer is yes, depending on the location of the door.

No forgetting the importance of the external land form that influence the internal house feng shui.

The internal of a house over here is another considering factor of how the actual Qi flow inwards and upwards to the second level of a house. In a simple manner of  just by using flying stars and making sure the stars fly by layer and by layer.

What about adding a tilted stove to further enhance the occupants wealth and health. Can Flying Stars help for a tilted stove and why must it be a 45 degree slant?

What a beautiful scene accompany by the busy junction. Can this be resolved if this is consider a Sha Qi.  Yes of course – using a simple and cheap DIY method from our school and forgetting all the unnecessary useless Feng Shui items that one will need to pay a lot.

Finally a Balcony by the Sea, I have chosen it to be the facing sector and the Feng Shui runs flawlessly.