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Houses “sitting North facing South” means good Feng Shui?

Houses “sitting North facing South” means good Feng Shui?

In the study of Feng Shui, a house is divided into nine quadrants each with different sets of numbers. This combination of numbers of the house will determine the luck cycle of the occupants for the next 20 years. The numbers are calculated based on the direction or orientation of the house. One Yuan comprises of 60 years and one Yun, 20 years.

Question: Houses “sitting North facing South” (front of house faces south) have always been said to enjoy good Feng Shui, How true is this?

This is not always the case. Based on the Flying Star (San Yuan) school of Feng Shui, unless a house is built according to Feng Shui principles, its location alone does not guarantee good fortune to its owners or occupants.

For instance, houses facing South (in period eight) have bad number combinations of 5,2 and 2,5 which will bring about sickness for the occupants. There is also a bad number combination 3,4 that would cause the occupants the lost of money in shares and gambling.

Here, to simply base on the perceived good Feng Shui of  “sitting North facing South”, the result may turn out to be instead unpleasant. This is especially if the rooms, staircase and stove are in quadrants with the bad number combinations.

New owners of Houses that faces South should instead be cautious. Before moving in (prior to renovation), they should assess the house setup and adjust the orientation if accordingly. Orientation adjustment is a practise in Feng Shui to change bad luck into good luck.

A reputable Feng Shui master can be consulted to make necessary changes (or orientations) in the house to avert bad luck. Usually, the house owners would be advised not to use rooms with bad sets of numbers as bedrooms or for bed positions. In fact, sometimes, there may be a need to leave these rooms vacant or to use them only as storerooms.

You may like to take note of this too. A person is only deemed to have moved into a new house if he actually lives in it. Choosing an auspicious date to move in your furniture and belongings but then not actually settling in physically will render the auspicious date void.

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