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History Appreciation

History Appreciation

The word “history” is the study of the human past. It means knowledge in the form of an inquiry that attempts to investigate the patterns of cause and effect from the past.

One of the enquiry that I have is whether I can use fengshui to determine the history of the occupants in the house. Examples such as which occupants will fall sick, which occupants are able to do well or are my children able to perform in their studies, etc. My answer to this is simple “History is one of the important key factor when studying a house’s fengshui. Only when you know how the house is going to influence its occupants then may you proceed to do their audit.” Through hundreds of clients that I have served and case studies that I have compiled by simply using flying stars feng shui, history can definitely be traced back.

I have always urged my students who have completed the flying star fengshui to do fengshui audit to gather experiences. Not fearful of what you are going to see and tell. One simple method is by using what they have learnt to trace the history of the occupants. If it is correct and you are convinced by what you have seen, heard and experienced, you may then progress to the more advanced fengshui course.

“It may seems difficult but it is only when you are given the master key to the study of San Yuan Feng Shui, will you then appreciate the true knowledge of San Yuan Feng Shui.” – CFSM Instructor Master Dennis Lai