Grandmaster Yen Ben

Grandmaster Yen Ben

Master Eu See Yin (Yen Ben) was one of Master T’an Yang Wu’s disciples. Having learnt all that he could from his mentor and acquired practical experiences, Master Eu See Yin (Yen Ben) authored three books for sale. His first book appeared on the shelves in the late 1920’s. Three of the books were entitled “Theory and Case Studies on Yang Feng Shui”. A third book which had the same title as the pervious two was written by one of his disciples when Master Eu See Yin (Yen Ben) was in China, the recorded case studies on Yin and Yang Feng Shui.

His first book contained 195 case studies and his second book had 260. These case studies included the name of the occupants, the addresses of the premises, the ‘nature’ of the year, the month and the resultant effects before inspection and the results after correction. The places he covered were far and wide. He covered all the provinces in China, Borneo, Java and Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, India and Thailand. The case studies were analyzed and recorded, making them an invaluable source for research, which also made the school a class above other schools of Feng Shui which did not have similar documentations. In pages 408 to 410 of his second book, there is a case study on the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, which many people may be familiar with.

Prior to his research and analysis into Feng Shui, he was an educator and taught in a Catholic school in Shanghai. There, he encountered conflicts with the school authorities, as he was a Buddhist. Owing to this, he resigned and took up a position as a manager in a textile factory. Once more, he found that there was conflict with his religion as DDT was sprayed to kill the creepers and it was unacceptable to Buddhists to kill any living creatures. He once again resigned and committed his life to full time religious work. He therefore began editing magazines and preaching.

Master Eu See Yin (Yen Ben) arrived in Singapore where he became a monk, and later moved to Indonesia. It was while he was there that his house burnt down forcing him to relocate to Malaysia. He arrived in Penang and moved on to Cameron Highlands where he ran the Sampo Temple. In 1950, owing to ill health he returned to Penang where he conducted Feng Shui classes. It was during this period that Master Hong Chuan enrolled and learnt Feng Shui of which he later became a master himself. This will be explained later on.

In 1957, Master Eu See Yin (Yen Ben) passed away, a year after meeting Master Sui Beng.