Grandmaster Hung Chuan

Grandmaster Hung Chuan

Master Hung Chuan participated in Master Yen Pen’s Feng Shui classes in the 1950’s. He learned Feng Shui and became very competent, in the process turned into a consultant to many rich and famous people in Singapore.

In the Nanyang Siang Pau – Sunday Edition of 12 April 1987, there was an article about one of the Feng Shui analysis done by Master Hung Chuan which concerned the Hyatt Hotel in Singapore.

He did this analysis in 1973 when the occupancy ratio at the Hyatt was around 40%. At the time of the implementation in 1973, Master Hung Chuan chose an auspicious date and time to make the existing fountain operational at 10am. On the very same day at 2pm, the Hyatt received a call that a 747 flight had been delayed and rooms were required for the 380 passengers. On the fourth day after the implementation, the hotel was fully booked. On redesigning and completion, the Hyatt experienced growth in occupancy to around 57% in the first year, 69% in the second year and 75% in the third year. He also made a prediction that after 10 years from his date of analysis the Hyatt would have a second entrance, which did happen in 1984. Astonishingly, in 1979, the Hyatt was experiencing 100% occupancy rates, requiring an extension which happened in 1984.

We were told that Master Hung Chuan informed the Singapore Hyatt that a renovation would be needed to be carried out by 1983 / 84 in order to accommodate the change in Feng Shui reigning Period from 6 to 7.

Source:” A tribute to Master Hong Choon” published by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See temple.

Venerable Hong Chuan welcoming Singapore’s Minister Mentor Mr LEE Kuan Yew to the
Phor Kark See temple in 1966.