Feng Shui Testimonials

Testimonials from students who attended our Feng Shui courses

Hello Master Dennis,

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your patience and professionalism in imparting the sacred knowledge of the Flying Stars feng shui to me. I understand that some questions I raised, have been covered before in class but you have been very patient and understanding to further clarify any doubts I have. I really appreciate that.

Furthermore, I also understand that some questions I asked in class is out of the syllabus and more into the contents of the more advanced courses such as the Advanced Flying stars (Er Zhai Shi Yan) and Da Gua feng shui but I am happy that you are willing to share more information to clarify my doubts, instead it even make me more curious on the more advanced courses contents!!!

To anyone that is reading this testimonial of mine, if you have any doubts in mind on whether to take up this course conducted by Master Dennis, please, rest assured that you will NOT go wrong learning from him.

I have been interested in the different systems of chinese metaphysics such as bazi, zi wei dou shu, feng shui, divination etc. and have spent a lot of time in the past reading up on books, attending online “feng shui” correspondance courses, all the while thinking that I can really learn something authentic from these books…. but NOTHING in the books or online “feng shui” courses comes close to the knowledge that teacher Dennis has!

Just by taking up the Xuan Kong flying stars course, I have learnt waaaaaaaaaaaay much more things and SECRETS that NO BOOKS in the market will share.

If you have taken up other Flying stars courses by other teachers/masters before and think that it is the same as the knowledge of the Wu Chang lineage, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

Just take on a neutral stand and ask yourself, after reading from books or attending the so-called “Feng Shui” courses out in the market, are you confident enough to conduct a Feng Shui audit by yourself? Can you even read the clients history/illnesses/luck trends? (Yes, the authentic system of Flying stars is able to track down what goes on in the house and what happens to the room occupants…)

Do you know how the 81 combinations of the Flying Stars work? It is in fact really easy and no memorisation is even needed!

Rest assured that, if you have only learnt the Flying Stars feng shui based on the book of “Shen Shi Xuan Kong xue” (Mr Shen’s study of Xuan Kong), the Wu Chang lineage of Flying stars being taught here is different.

One may ask, different in what way? Afterall, there is only so much that I can type out here without divulging too much secrets of the course contents so let me list out 1 major difference:

Usually, the “normal” Flying stars feng shui system being taught openly in the market, will first start by locating the center of the house floorplan and overlay the Luo Shu 9 square/palaces directly on top OR divide it according to the BaGua 8 sectors…

Now, have you ever wondered, what happens if 1 room or area contains 2 pairs of numbers from different sectors? Does it make any sense?

Let’s say that the room is air-conditioned, does it make sense that 1 part of the room feels cold whereas another part of the room doesn’t? It doesn’t make sense right? 🙂

In the past, in ancient China were there any accurate floor plans for the people to locate the absolute center of the house? So how did they carry out feng shui audits?

If you have been reading to this line, don’t worry, this testimonial to my teacher Dennis, is something that I wish to contribute of my own will.

If you are worrying that Feng Shui is too complicated and difficult to learn, don’t worry! Teacher Dennis has a good sense of responsibility to take care of his students, you will definitely be able to apply what you learnt in class all by yourself after completing the course.

Best Regards,
Zhen Yuan Singapore
(march 2014, Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

 As promised, the flying star course has indeed turned me from a noob to someone who can audit a house confidently within the 4 days course. It’s amazing how much secrets we can learn in these 4 days and it’s definitely not all about memorising by the books and everything are logically supported by the daily science and physics.

The course has been a true eye opener and the secrets taught in his classes are never found on anywhere else. 

Master Dennis has been very generous in imparting his knowledge and experiences, even when those that are not covered in the syllabus. 

With this, I would like to thank Master Dennis for his patience in explaining and answering to all my questions and doubts even when some of my questions are repeating and out of the syllabus as well as his generousity in sharing his experiences and knowledge.

Kelly Lim
(march 2014, Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)


Everything were it’s too good to comment / feedback about. The skills here are more worth the pricing! Even as to compare to others out there, Classic Feng Shui mastery courses might be one of the most costly one but afterall, what matter most is the skill that we going to get! After 6 courses and I can get hold what’s going on in my house, why not? A Prada Bag don’t worth as much as my family and their health.

Alondra Toh Singapore
(2010 Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

Knowledge being pass down is straightforward and easy to understand. Lesson are well structured. Price for the course is worth the price.

Zhuang Zhirong Singapore
(2010 Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

Though it’s a 6 lessons course, I have learned the pretty much knowledge from Master Dennis. Difficulty in absorbing during the 1st class maybe due to no foundation. However, subsequent lessons with revision and practice with patience and guidance from master are easy to absorb. It’s very amazed that such a short time, I can actually learn to fly the flying star chart, how to accurately read a chart with no doubts, stove, bed position and many other detailed knowledge that I believe no other school Feng Shui School can provide outside.

Shalene Ang Singapore
(2010 Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui) 

Love from Joao

I have been studying fengshui for about 20 years but always felt uncomfortable with aspects of both theory and practice. Finally I found Master Francis Leyau which I consider to be the only true master I have ever come across. Master Francis provides the answers that I have long been waiting to hear. His breadth of knowledge extends well beyond the San Yuan school in which he specializes and also encompasses San He. He also develops a very personal and friendly relationship with his students. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the teachings I have received so far and hope to keep receiving in the future.

Joao Borges Portugal
(2010 Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

I have attended other Masters’ feng shui course and was a little hesitant to attend Master Leyau’s course. But I attended having heard so many good references for Master Leyau from my friends. And I am really glad that I did and I am so happy with my decision to attend.

Attending this course made me understand flying star so much better now and I just cannot believe how easy it is to learn as well as how easy it is to implement flying star feng shui! Master Leyau made the lesson so interesting and so simple to comprehend. He was to the point, patient to explain the concepts till every student fully understood and very forthcoming to answer all questions asked even though he had to explain to us by generously revealing some of the concepts from the more advanced course.

This course had a practical portion on the 4th day that we were brought to an actual apartment and shown feng shui flying star in real action. Renovations made to the apartment where a wall was torn down to combine 2 rooms, door positions were moved for 2 rooms and bed positions for the rooms were also moved. All these were done for implementing better feng shui. Seeing is truly the best way to learn!

Thank you very much Master Leyau and CFSM I am really grateful that you have shared so much with us for the class!

Jeremy Tan Singapore
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)
(19 December 2010)

The advanced flying star is probably the most important course of the CAFS. It is based on the interpretation of late Grand Master Yen Pen book and personal diary, Er Zhai Shi Yan. Through the analysis of 62(!) real case studies both aspects of the theory and its practical applications are revealed. Only a master of the same lineage can successfully guide the student through this unique document and Master Francis Leyau is the best person to do so. I consider this course to be a must for all who want to apply flying stars as a professional tool and for all serious students of fengshui in general. It will put their practice onto a different level. Specially recommended to current practitioners that have been using flying star but have doubts about the results they achieved so far.

Joa~o Borges Portugal
(Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui)
(20 – 23 Dec 2010)

I have learned feng shui for many years, with many questions burdening my head. But now, the questions were gone. His wholeheartedly teaching, is very clear, logic, and awesome. After the class, I feel more confident to help and give suggestions for others who need it. Rare to find, a humble, wise, smart, and low profile feng shui master like him. I was so grateful to have opportunity to meet and attend Master Leyau class. I wish myself, to be able to attend all of the courses conducted by him. Thank you Sifu

Linda Kusuma Indonesia
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)
(11 – 14 Feb 2011)

Greetings from Bali…..

First of all, I would like to let you know that I have applied what I learnt from Sifu Leyau.

During these past 2 weeks, after I came back from Singapore, I re-analyzed some of the cases that I had analyzed within these past 8 years. And, I here confirmed that the method of teaching by Sifu Leyau has been so far, THE BEST, compared to the other method. Best in a sense that, the theory of the Xuan Kong Fei Xing (The Flying Star Feng Shui) that I learnt from Sifu Leyau – all the meanings of the 81 combinations, when applied to check a ‘case’ give me feedback in less than 30 minutes. I can tell a “story” of a building faster than before…… And I can generate a general solutions within 1 hour, for easy cases.

Now, on behalf of my friends and clients, I would like to Thank You, Sifu Leyau. I thank you for your time, and willingness to share to me your knowledge and your 30 over years experiences on Feng Shui.

I look forward to meet you again, and to learn more about Feng Shui……and, though it is still far away in the future, I would like to tell you that I look forward for a course : How to make a San Yuan Luo Pan.

For anyone who is thinking what the benefit of learning from CAFS / Sifu Leyau, here I will share what I get…….

Si Fu Leyau with his more than 30 years experience as a Feng Shui Master, has created a very effective system of learning Feng Shui. A method that created based on Human Personality and Different Ways of Learning. 3 types of Learning Style (Auditory – Listening, Visual – Seeing, Kinesthetic – Touch, Experience). In class when he teaches us the Feng Shui Theory, we will hear his voice and see pictures. At the end of the course, he takes us to do a Feng Shui Analyis. Real Case. We used the Luo Pan, we did all what we have to do when analyzing the Feng Shui of a Building.

The experience…… will be different for everyone, depends on our ‘compatibility’, but one thing that I have to highlighted : Learning from Sifu Leyau is an experience that worth money and time..

Note : Actually before I went to learn from Sifu Leyau, I have done some research on the Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. I had compared all the lessons and the courses Fee, and came to a conclusion that Sifu Leyau should be the best Feng Shui Master. Since 5 years ago I had wanted to meet and learn from Sifu, only somehow “the right time” for me to get the chance to meet Sifu is in this year of 2011.

Johnanna Sun Indonesia
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)
(11 – 14 Feb 2011)

” تعلمي من ماستر فرانسيس كان واحد من أفضل الخيارات اللتي اتخذتها حتى الآن ,طريقته محببة ويقدم المعرفة بكل سهولة و وضوح , وكل هذا في جو مريح ومبهج , أشكركم لهذا وأتطلع لمتابعة التعلم منكم..السيد دينيس ، و السيدة آيرين جعلتم من هذه التجربة خبرة جميلة ، شكراً لكم جميعاً ” ..

حبي و سلامي ..
ريما من الشرق الأوسط..(:

“Learning from Master Francis was one of the best choice so far, Friendly provided the knowledge in a simple and clear way, and all this was in a relax and pleasant atmosphere, thank you for the course and look forward to continue learning from you .. Mr. Dennis, and Miss Irene both of you have made this learning a wonderful experience, thank you all “..

My love and greetings ..
Rima from the Middle East ..
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)
(11 – 14 Feb 2011)

“The Bazi course is fascinating. Thank you for showing us the tricks to view our life destiny. I’m very glad to find that this course emphasizes on analysis with numerous examples presented to bring the points across. The course is certainly fun and captivating!”

Maggie Singapore
(Intermediate Bazi Mastery Course)
(4 -6 March 2011)

Dear Dennis and Sifu Leyau and semua teman-teman :
Saya ingin menyampaikan kesan-kesan setelah course Ba Zi.

Seperti pengalaman sebelumnya, kali ini juga saya merasakan hal yang sama : Gembira, senang dan merasa bersyukur dan beruntung !

Kenapa ? 1 – Dapat dibimbing oleh seorang guru yang benar-benar tahu dan menguasai materi pelajaran yang diajarkan, dan memiliki metode yang sangat efektif untuk mengajarkan konsep-konsep yang sulit dimengerti sebelumnya. Dan juga, Sifu Leyau adalah guru yang bersedia membagi ilmu pengetahuannya dengan sepenuh hati.

2 – Berada bersama orang-orang pintar dan beruntung… Saya merasa beruntung juga ! Saya tahu ada banyak orang yang ingin mempelajari ilmu Metafisik Cina, dan banyak orang harus menghabiskan banyak waktu dan biaya sebelum akhirnya mereka menemukan dan belajar dari Sifu Leyau

Untuk itu, dari lubuk hati… Saya ingin mengungkapkan terima kasih kepada Sifu Leyau.

Untuk perannya sebagai guru yang baik, pinter, sabar , murah hati dan bijaksana !

Untuk Dennis dan Irene… Terima kasih untuk suasana kelas yang menyenangkan dan rilex .. Semua snacks (kue n minuman) yang bisa bikin kita “take a break at any time” !

Terima kasih untuk semua pelajaran yang di bagikan kepada kami semua.

Di kelas saya belajar tentang subyek yang berat, ilmu Metafisik Cina.

Di luar kelas, ada “Heineken Time” , di mana saya belajar untuk relax… Ketemu dan berkenalan dengan murid-murid Sifu yang lainnya, dan belajar banyak hal tentang Kehidupan.

Sampai Jumpa lagi, dalam waktu dekat !

Salam hangat,
Margaretha J.S.

Dear Dennis and Sifu Leyau and all my classmate,

As the first time, the second time being in the Class conducted by Sifu Leyau is the same feeling : Happy, Excited and Full of Joy! And…. Blessed and Lucky !

Why ? Here is why …

The atmosphere….
Being with One of the Best Feng Shui Master : The feeling of being with someone who knows what he is doing is really assuring. And that the fact that Sifu Leyau is a a person who really wants to pass down all his knowledge, makes me feel that I am being very lucky that I hv been given the opportunity.

Being with Smart and Lucky people :

I love the feeling of being with all of you. Makes me feel more blessed and lucky. I considered you are all smart and lucky ! Because I know, there are many people want to learn the authentic Feng Shui, Ba Zi, I Ching, Qi Men Dun Jia, Xuan Kong Da Gua and Yin Feng Shui. Many people have to go through many paths, have to meet many masters….before they finally found and met and learnt from Sifu Leyau.

From my heart… I sincerely would like to Thank Sifu Leyau for being him. Easy going. Smart. Funny. Patient. Generous. And wise !

For Dennis and Irene, thank you for the friendly classroom, all the food and drinks !

Thank you for all the lessons you have taught us… In class I learnt about the Chinese Metaphysics. In Heineken time, I learnt how to relax… And most of all, I learnt more about Life !!!

My Warm Regards,
Margaretha J.S.
(Intermediate Bazi Mastery Course)
(4 -6 March 2011)

To change..for the things I can.. and to accept, for the unchangeable ones..

What is the best for my life, my carreer, my family.. 
I can clearly define, after learning Ba Zi from Master Leyau..

Thanks for putting a new milestone in my life.

Linda Kho
(Intermediate Bazi Mastery Course)
(4 -6 March 2011)

Palmistry Course

I had previously no experience in metaphysics and palmistry. But working in a temple requires me to help people from all walks of life with their problem. Through Master Leyau recommendation, i decided to take up the palmistry course as he emphasis on how easy it will be to tell a person character and life from the form of the hand, the handshake and the 3 main lines. And true enough, after 4 days of palmistry course, while i was in temple, 2 ladies came up to me to ask for guidance. Within seconds, i told them of their character and their lives they had when they were young. They were simply astonished, they agreed with my readings and were surprised that a young chap like me could be so accurate and they ask me how long i had learned. Of course i dare not tell them that i had only learn for 4 days. So this is what 4 days of palmistry course with Master Leyau can do. From the bottom of my heart, i thank you Master Leyau for your unselfishness to pass on this great knowledge and without keeping any secrets.

Bryan Long
Operations Manager
(Palmistry Course)
(17 – 20 March 2011)

Palmistry Course

Dear Master
I would like to give a big clap again for your teaching and also would like to thank you for giving me this great opportunity to learn Palmistry from you. The more courses I attended, I feel more excited

Palmistry, many may think that it’s not essential but I think this is very helpful.

Indeed I had learned Palmistry since I was very young but at that time it’s difficult to understand and hard to apply.

On the very first day of the class, I found its more difficult than Fengshui but after the course indeed it’s easier and I can remembered all and apply it without any reference to the notes. Because just by looking at any hand and with a hand shake, I can tell almost everything about the person. I think Palmistry is very helpful for those who would like to make friends with others, especially for those works as Sale and Marketing, you need to contact with a lot of people, and palmistry can accurately tell the character of any one.

Well, I would again like to give big thanks for Master Leyau, who always makes the course simple, easy and understandable, no matter how difficult or complicated the subject can be.


Lee (Saikarn) ,Thailand
(Palmistry Course)
(17 – 20 March 2011)

Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui

Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui Course has been a truly eye-opening course for me. There’s no way to understand XKDG from available books due to the level of complexities in this system. Master Francis has shared with us from ground up on how the formula was actually derived till its application and this is truly remarkable. Once again, I would like to thank Master Francis for his patience and clear instructions in delivering the course.

Teck Leong Singapore
(Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui)
(22 – 25 April 2011)

Я хотела бы выразить искреннюю благодарность Мастеру Леяо за его глубокий курс по летящим звездам, который я слушала в Сингапуре в феврале 2011 года. Хотя я до этого слушала курсы по фэн шую у нескольких мастеров, тем не менее я практиковала эти знания только в рамках моей семьи. Главная причина заключалась в том, что хотя многие курсы давали подробные и детальные знания, ни у одного мастера я не смогла получить достаточно простую и четкую схему, с которой можно было бы приходить на консультации к посторонним людям.  Курс Мастера Леяо не только дал мне возможность познакомиться мне с анализом летящих звезд, но и стал стержнем, который очень помогает мне структурировать мои знания, полученные ранее.  В результате, за последние два месяца у меня появились первые клиенты и я вижу в этом не только свою заслугу, но и заслугу мастера Леяо, и всей команда CAFS, которая организовала такой интересную и неповторимую программу обучения. Большое вам спасибо!



I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Master Leyau for his in-depth course in flying stars which I studied in Singapore on February 2011.Although I have learned the same course in Feng Shui from several masters before, 
but I only practice this knowledge within my family. The main reason is that although many theories was taught in the course, none of them have given me the complete and easy method to advice my client. Master Leyau course not only gave me the opportunity to become acquainted with the analysis on Flying stars, but also became the foundation of which helps me to restructure my previous knowledge in Feng Shui. As a result, two months ago, I began to have my first client and I see this as not only their merit, but merit to Master Leyau, and the entire team of CAFS, which have organized such an interesting and unique training program. Thank you so much!

Nataliya Orlova Russia
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)
(25 – 28 Feb 2011)


“I take the opportunity to thank Master Leyau for everything right from excellent food to teaching. I thank his members Irene and Dennis who are remarkable people. I enjoyed the course taught to me by Master’s great knowledge and experience. Master had the patience to answer our doubts and is a very honest, simple and helpful person (not to forget to mention, a great cook too!). Master Leyau, Dennis and Irene looked after us like members of his family.

Looking forward to attending more courses of his!”

(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

Saya mengenal Feng Shui sejak 25 tahun yang lalu dari berbagai orang yang mengaku ahli Feng Shui yang datang memeriksa rumah2 keluarga dan saudara saya. Walaupun saya tidak belajar Feng Shui, dengan ikut mendengar dan mengamati cara mereka melakukan audit dan nasehat2 yang mereka berikan, saya memaklumi bahwa dari satu ahli Feng Shui ke ahli Feng Shui yang lain, mereka mempunyai cara dan ilmu yang berbeda beda kadang malah saling kontradiktif satu sama lain. Banyak pula bumbu2 tahayul yang menyertai nasehat dan petunjuk mereka. Sepengamatan saya, hasil akhirnya tidak ada. Uang dan waktu terbuang percuma.

Rasa penasaran saya membangkitkan minat saya untuk membeli dan  membaca buku2 Feng Shui yang ada di pasaran, dengan maksud mencari tahu apa itu Feng Shui dan bagaimana metode kerjanya. Terus terang ternyata malah tambah bingung.

Akhirnya  saya berkesimpulan, saya tidak bisa belajar Feng Shui dari buku. Saya harus berguru pada orang2 yang mempunyai dasar yang kuat dan murni.

Saya berketetapan hati menghadiri kelas Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui dengan harapan dapat mendapat cerahan dari orang yang bernama Francis Le Yau yang saya sudah saya telusuri riwayat dan eksistensinya di dunia Feng Shui. Sebagai seorang yang berpredikat Grandmaster, perkenalan dengan Francis Le Yau sungguh diluar image yang selama ini melekat pada seorang ahli Feng Shui. Beliau berpengetahuan luas dan ternama tapi penampilannya sungguh sederhana. Beliau bicara keras tapi dalam mengajar sungguh sangat sabar. Ternyata di dunia modern sekarang ini masih ada orang seperti beliau.

Metode pengajaran pun terasa mudah dimengerti dan satu persatu pertanyaan saya terjawab melalui kursus 4 hari. Saya sungguh beruntung bisa bertemu dan mendapatkan pelajaran Feng Shui dari beliau. Terima Kasih Sifu, semoga ilmu yang saya peroleh dapat saya gunakan untuk membantu orang lain. Sampai ketemu lagi.


I know Feng Shui since 25 years ago from various people who claim that Feng Shui experts come check audit my family and my brother. Although I did not learn Feng Shui , by contributing to listen and observe how they conduct audits and advice they provide , I understand that from an expert in Feng Shui, they have different ways and different methods, sometimes even mutually contradictory each other . Many also believe in superstition that accompanies their advice and instructions. For me there is no end result . Money and time wasted .

My curiosity aroused my interest to buy and read Feng Shui books on the market , with the intention of finding out what is Feng Shui and how the method works . It turns even more confused .

Finally, I conclude, I can not learn from Feng Shui book. I had to sit on class to have a solid foundation and pure .

I resolved to attend classes on Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui in the hope of gaining enlightenment from a man named Francis Leyau that I had check on history of his existence in the world of Feng Shui . Francis Leyau really beyond the image that has been attached to a Feng Shui expert . He is knowledgeable and reputable but looks really simple. He talked tough but really very patient in teaching . It turns out that in today’s modern world there are still people like him .

Teaching methods feels easy to understand and one by one my questions were answered through the course of 4 days. I was blessed to meet and get lessons from his Feng Shui . Thanks Sifu , I hope the knowledge I gained I can use to help others . See you soon.

(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

Hi Dennis,

This is the best learning experience I ever had in my life. After the course completed, I immediately apply things I learned from Master Leyau and audit the fengshui in my house, to my surprise I realizeed how bad my house fengshui is! Knowledge is power, I know I can use the knowledge I learned from Master Leyau to change the fengshui for myself and the people around me.

I want to thank Master Leyau for his dedication and patience to teach me (a fengshui beginner) and make sure I understand the every concepts being taught in the class. I truly appreciate these.

(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

三元奇门遁甲 is the epitome and Holy Grail of date selection in the 三元 system. I always knew through my personal research on the topic that it enhances the accuracy of the best time for appropriate actions to provide significantly better results, through precise moment of phenomenon observations. 

I was wrong. It is more than that, and I realized it the first time I used the knowledge.

Chose the best possible date incorporating the essence of 三元奇门遁甲 for a move-in date for my friend’s house. Initial careful and repeated measurements showed precisely a particular reading that would bode disaster for the family in two years’ time. Despite my persistent advice, my friend’s wife had refused to make any major changes to help ease the situation. Had no choice but to hope that with the best possible move-in date, things might not turn out to be as bad. And true to my faith, it did.

With the same 罗盘, at the same location with the same technique, with careful and repeated measurements, the reading turned out different. I still remember sweating it out doing the measurement as I did it for 8 different times, and the reading had been precisely consistent. The best part is, the whole Qi configuration has now changed for the better. And to emphasize, it wasn’t a small change in terms of measurement results. It was significant.

This underlies the importance of having a good date (a great one with 三元奇门遁甲) and the amazing effects it can have.

师傅, thank you for imparting this rare skill to us. I can imagine this doing a lot of good for our families, friends and loved ones.


(18 November 2012)
(San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia)

I am thankful to Master Francis Leyau for bringing to light for the first time the secret knowledge of San Yuan 64 Gua Qi Men Dun Jia. The charts were first published by the famous Taiwanese master Zeng Zi Nan, and many years later, a course that teaches how to derive and use them.  One of the last and best kept secrets of Xuan Kong Feng Shui! This knowledge is based on the traditional San Qi Liu Yi (3 rare 6 protocol) and Ba Men (8 Door) plates, that are expanded into 64 directions using the Shao Yong sequence. You will then learn how to use them in conjunction with date selection to find the best timing for a given building or grave. In the last day of the course, sifu shows how to observe the phenomena that manifests when such powerful and precise timings are chosen. The student also becomes proficient in making his own Qi Men Dun Jia calendar from scratch. I strongly recommend to all Feng Shui enthusiasts and date selection practitioners in particular to attend this module. I have previously learned with other masters but it was at the Central Academy of Feng Shui that I found the authentic teachings with the straightforward practical applications and above all, yielding the best results.

Joao Borges
(18 November 2012)
(San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia)

I have a strong passion in fengshui and have long been looking for a master whom has a good history of practice. Finally, Mr Dennis Lai introduced me to Grandmaster Francis Leyau, a professional practitioner with more than 30 years of vast experiences in fengshui. Grandmaster Francis has made the 4 days sessions simple enough for a beginner like me to absorbed and yet indepth. The understanding of Flying Stars applications has also been made easy. I will strongly recommend Grandmaster Francis to anyone who wish to learn this Chinese ancient’s art.

Yours Sincerely,

Loo Chee Keong
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)
(Oct 2012)

Xuan Kong Da Gua that has been ‘marked’ as one of the most difficult subject in learning fengshui now suddently erased in my mind after learning with GM, as his vast knowledge and long years of experiences could transform those long many grams as well as periods become quite a simple understanding, this certainly can’t be done by even reading a complete set of books. Now a San Yuan Luo Pan that used to be ‘decoration’ become a very useful tool in fengshui since we can best utilize it. We definitely need guidance from not just a master, but the experienced one!!!

Never felt enough learning from him. Teach us more master,,,,,!!!  as we want to learn more & more,,,,,

Erwin R. Tan
Surabaya, Indonesia
(Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui)

Why we need to bother a good time in moving in, starting business, do renovation, etc?? those things that left unanswered now are not only clear answered but we also know with the right method how to select it so that the best result is possible to get. This Date Selection is for sure some high skill that a fengshui master must have. It is base on scientific analysis, not just a superstitious choices with unreasonable explanation.

Erwin R. Tan –
Surabaya, Indonesia
(Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui)

” I have taken FengShui lessons from other masters prior to this and I can say that Master Leyau’s teaching has been clear, concise and applicable. With genuine intention to impart his wealth of knowledge, his lessons have been both enriching and enlightening.
Most other master’s teachings could be on the same subjects but lack the depth or correct understanding that Master Leyau had. And because of this, you are able to correctly apply and use his teachings in a very practical and effective way.
This is a good course that is recommended for all who wants to know or practice correct Feng Shui principles and don’t let the course fees discourage you because the knowledge you get would be worth every single cent. “
Chuan Poh
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

XKDG Feng Shui uses much more complex theories than the flying star theories. Even if you have the best book in the bookstore, it may take years for you to decode it. Or worst, can’t fully decode it. Why do we use XKDG Feng Shui? Because you can use it to specifically activate certain purpose like wealth, career…etc,  when given the right condition with specific line in the Hexagram.   ShiFu has not only decoded it for us, he even make it simple enough for us to enjoy learning. Instead years of decoding by self reading, all you need is less than one week of lesson with ShiFu and you will be able to master XKDG Feng Shui.

For serious learners in Feng Shui, It’s a course not to be missed.

Marcel Lim
(Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui)

I believe there are many learners, including myself has attended many different chinese metaphysics classes,
but still don’t have the full confident or knowledge to practice effectively.

I feel that the most important aspect when we attend any class, is to be able to practice effectively on what we have learned at the end of the lesson.

After attended both San Yuan Xuan Kong flying Star Mastery and the Advance course, I’m able to apply what I was taught in class with great confidence,
when I perform the Feng Shui Audits.

I would like to say a big thank you to Shi Fu Francis Le Yau for his wonderful teaching.
He has certainly made me understand Flying Star Feng Shui with greater depth, and guided me to the correct learning track.

Thank you Shi Fu

Marcel Lim
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)

I’d like to express my appreciation to Grandmaster Francis Leyau for selflessly sharing of his knowledge and decades of experience on the topic, and to Master Dennis Lai, who facilitated the course and provided valuable guidance along the way.

The CAFS/CFSM Xuan Kong Flying Star course has undoubtedly the most comprehensive syllabus that I have ever seen. The delivery of the course was so precise, concise, and best of all, made so easy to understand that in just 4 days, all doubts were clarified and all confusion dissolved. Everything just made perfect sense.

Then comes the Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star Course that completely blew my mind away! The highly advanced concepts that had so many seasoned practitioners befuddled were laid out and explained in no less clarity than basic and simple theories.The course certainly delivered what it had promised, i.e. a complete understanding of the Xuan Kong Flying Star system of Feng Shui and taking my skills to an unprecedented level of competency!

(Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui)


Sherry Tai
(Xuan Kong Flaying Star Feng Shui)

First and foremost, I would like to thanks Master Leyau for teaching me Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. Initially, when I signed up for course, I was afraid that I may have difficulties as I do not have any Feng Shui background. However, after attending the course, I know that I have made the right choice. Master Leyau has made the lessons engaging and simplified that even I can understand without any problems. He also took the effort to explain some of the important theory to help students build up a strong foundation in Feng Shui. Now, I am confident to say that I am able to understand the flying stars chart, determine the house period and compartmentalize the stars correctly. Price for the course is definitely worth it. Knowledge is priceless!!

Eng Kian
(Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui)




拜師心語                                                                                                                                                            撰文:思凡









這句話與我此次拜師有何關連呢?我只是想告知師父:對於師父所教的,我會 “勤而行之”。而師父在我心目中的形象,則有如上文所說的那樣,大智若愚。嗯,很有道家人物的味道。

此次拜師學習,得先感謝新加坡 “萬里書局” 主持人賴先生的指引及介紹,我才能找到明師,解了我這些年來的 “尋師荒”。雖說自己已有少說十六年造風水的經驗,然而,在決定拜師時,我還是選擇從最基礎的課程開始,從最基本的功夫著手。以下是至目前我隨師父上課的心語。

1. 三元玄空飛星課

大凡學習玄空一門的人,都知道甚麼是飛星,當然我也不列外,對於飛星,我是有深入了解的。然而,這只是我在上課之前的自以為是。上課的過程中,師父的講解是深入淺出的。令我對飛星有另一層更深入的了解及詮譯。師父總是用最淺白的文字語言來解釋飛星的用法及斷法。至少古藉中所謂的?山水分用? 原來不是我所了解的那樣。這使我驚呀非常,而最普遍的81個雙星斷事訣要,竟是如此的生動易明,不用死背,馬上就能進腦。連章仲山不輕易外傳的 “七星打劫” 法,也被師父用最簡明的方式說明了真正的 “七星打劫” 並非坊間書本中所說的那麼復雜,而是實用的,能助人的風水訣要之一。”城門訣”,向來是許多風水師的罩門。因為坊間所說的城門訣都文字很多,卻沒有一個是實用的。然而,師父所教的,卻可以利用它來造福大眾。至少,這是我的理解。玄空風水很講究 “乘旺開門” ,只是如何乘旺? 往往一個不小心,真的會落到 “分金差一線,富貴不相 ” 困境當中。只是經師父一講解,真的,就掌握了這一個簡單的秘密。這令我這些年,於運用玄空飛星佈局的盲點及困擾,全在這次的課程中一掃而空了。如果你真的有心於提升玄空飛星的認知及用法,你一定要來上這門課。 

2. 二宅實驗課

這是第二個讓我驚呀的課程。<二宅實驗>是凡習玄空的人必看的一本書。其中的實習案例記錄,是自古以來最多,也是最完整的。其中的玄空心法及要訣,都是清清楚楚的被祖師透露出來了。只是問題在於,祖師只記錄了多個個案,卻沒有從基本的學理闡述此書中的關鍵。當然,在上課之前,此書是我案上必放的一本書,也看了不知多少遍了,只是礙於天資,總有看不懂,想不通的地方。經師父於陽宅部份,每個個案詳細的解說及演示,讓我明白了其中的盲點。現在再回讀此書,便發現祖師的苦心及無私,他真的將玄空飛星的用法及佈局法透露個完全了。不經師父指點,真的讀不出<二宅實驗>的精髓所在。許多用玄空風水的人,都以為玄空風水需要打大九宮,小九宮,大太極,小太極等等,可能你也是,然而,如果你會來上此課,再配合祖師另一本書~<人間天眼指南>來讀,那麼,你會發現,所謂的立極,移宮及坐向的真正真諦,於玄空學就真的是 “得訣” 了。

3. 玄空大卦風水課

時下有不少風水學院在教 “玄空大卦” 課程,也有不少人學過了 “玄空大卦”。然而,玄空大卦並非如坊間所教的那麼不實用。上了師父的課,我有那種 “這才是真正風水” 的感覺,有那種如沐春風的領悟。甚麼是 “乾山乾向水流乾”?甚麼是 “坤壬乙,巨門從頭出” ?甚麼是 “江東一卦從來吉,八神四個一” 等等古書中的口訣,都一一的被師父講解清楚了。然後,重點來了,真正的 “北斗七星去打劫,離宮要相合” 這心法,並非如坊間所解釋的 “離宮為真打劫” 或 “坎宮為假打劫”。除此之外,更讓我旁通了<京房易>,<八卦飛爻>,<文王卦>等等以前覺得難懂的裝卦,變爻等等內容。師父的玄空大卦,可說是開我心眼的一門課程。我有幸跟了師父,學到了其中的要點,也心領神會 “地理辨正” 一書中的每一個字的解釋及每一個口訣的意義。這得感謝師父的教導及指點。

以上就是至目前,我隨師父所上過的課程。當然,很快的,會再隨師父上他的 “陰宅風水”,”玄空擇日”,”三元奇門遁甲” 及 “掌相” 等課。現在,且讓我以此詩做為結束吧:

參同道德出名家 太乙隨風踏醉花 願入九星尋羽化 明師我遇煉丹霞