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Why didn’t the Feng Shui applications work? Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Your house was told to have superb Feng Shui but then, why is it that your luck became worse after shifting in? Conversely, some might tell you that your house’s Feng Shui is bad but then after shifting in, good things keep coming in. Do you have the answer for them? Do you know where did things go wrong?

If you can’t answer them, then you should question yourself. Have you chosen the wrong Feng Shui school and teacher?

Notes: There is no such thing as roughly or not sure. Everything can be explained with proven track records which makes us different from other schools of Feng Shui.


Common questions that most practitioners and masters have faced


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Which are the facing and sitting directions of such buildings?


 Do you use the construction date of the building, or the move-in date into your unit?


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How to audit a house when it’s oddly shaped?

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How to audit a house when there are multiple entrances?


Prosperous Star Combination 8, 8 locates at the Main Door of the house in Period 8. In Period 8, Star Combination 8 – 8 carries strong favorable luck influence. However, why didn’t the owner of the house gain good fortune but instead suffered extremely ill luck?


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Can a house have more than one reading? If yes, can the house have more than one Qi configuration (Flying Star charts)?

  • 1st reading = Northwest 3
  • 2nd reading = North 1

There is no trial-and-error in Feng Shui, as it could mean the difference between life and death. A true Feng Shui practitioner must have absolute certainty and precision in his application.