Classic Feng Shui Mastery

House Vs Luopan Vs Me

A good Feng Shui Master knows the importance of a luopan; he only depends on the luopan to take a house direction. Can it be so easily for an actual house direction to be detected, just as the way the house meant to be?

Can a practitioner be able to correctly utilize the 天池tian chi(compass needle) on a luopan? Can the…

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Partial lunar eclipse of 2010

The only partial lunar eclipse of 2010 and is happening on Saturday 26 June 2010! You will get to see half of the Moon gradually disappearing as it is covered by the Earth’s shadow.
There is a solar eclipse when the moon blocks the sun from the Earth. A lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks the sun from the moon.

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Yin Zhai Feng Shui: Erecting The Headstone

Erecting The Headstone with Grandmaster Francis Leyau

Location: Memorial Park

Sunday 29th August 2004, 7am – 9am

The grave site ready for the headstone to be erected.

Joss sticks and offerings to the “guardian” of this gravesite. A gravesite with good Feng Shui is regarded as “Treasure” and as many legends, sites containing treasure are always protected by guardians. Prayers of  “asking the…

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The History of Feng Shui

With its origin in China, and developing over 2,000 years as a system on how to survive, excel and live in harmony with nature, the Chinese has practiced Feng Shui for thousands of years. It started during the Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD) as Chinese Philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment; about how everything is connected and…

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Feng Shui Myth or Truth?

Pictures of water feature in the bedroom leads to loss of money?
– Myth

Feng shui shows no result at all due to incompatible time and date applied.
– Truth

Leaving the toilet seat up flush away your wealth?
– Myth

Mandarin duck figures helps to resolve relationship problem and improve love life?
– Myth

Hanging windchimes at homes or main door could attract wandering spirits?
– Myth


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Life Destiny vs Feng Shui

Should we focus more on Personal Life Reading (Heaven Luck) or Feng Shui (Earth Luck)? This has always been an argument.

Which is more significant? Heaven Luck or Earth Luck?

To start off, let’s first talk about life reading.

Now, is life reading really 100% accurate? The answer is no. Many have had the misconception that life reading is able to 100% predict…

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