Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui Course

  • You have completed the Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui course.
  • Or you have learned the Xuan Kong Flying Star from other schools.

This is an advanced flying star course, you must meet the above requirements to attend.


Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Mastery Course ( Real Case Studies + 81 Combinations )

This course is for those who wanted to widen and deepen their knowledge and skills in the study of 81 combinations in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui.

In this course, we will explain with detailed analysis of these feng shui proverbial based on the chosen case studies in Yang House Feng Shui recorded in ‘Er Zhai Shi Yan’ 二宅實驗 (Two House Experience) written by the late Master Yen Pen.

For many years, many Feng Shui Practitioners and Masters are trying to unlock these hidden secrets in the case studies that were recorded in Master Yen Pen’s books written in the old Chinese classic text, but many could not interpret and explain the terms fully nor accurately. During this course, you will be given the ‘key’ to unlock the hidden secrets in the case studies in order to fully comprehend the true theories and methods in the Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui before putting them into practice.

The case studies of Yang House Feng Shui in the third book, ‘Er Zhai Shi Yan’ 二宅實驗 which have been fully translated into the English and has been ‘unlocked’ by Master Francis Leyau – under the lineage of the late Master Yen Pen who authored the case studies.

This course will enable you to take your Xuan Kong Flying Star to the next level. The information and knowledge you are going to learn will guarantee you to have a complete understanding and skills on how to do audits and apply the remedies using the Flying Stars. Upon completion of this course, your Flying Star knowledge and skills will ‘almost’ be equivalent to the Grandmaster’s.

The ‘Er Zhai Shi Yan’ 二宅實驗 was originally Master Yen Pen’s personal journal on his real life Feng Shui experiences which was later published as books. This will need a Feng Shui Master who comes from the same school of lineage in-order to interpret and explain the terms from the journal accurately.