About Classic Feng Shui Mastery School

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Unlock the secrets to Feng Shui that could fill your home with great health, wealth and happiness.

Who We Are

Master Dennis Lai established Classic Feng Shui Mastery School of Chinese Metaphysics with the goal of benefiting society by spreading authentic Feng Shui knowledge, and to provide a learning platform to those with interests in Chinese Metaphysics, who would in turn use the knowledge to help people in need.

In collaboration with like-minded peers with solid experience in their respective fields, Classic Feng Shui Mastery has created a comprehensive series of courses catered to both beginners and advance practitioners. With the highly structured, easy-to-understand and yet comprehensive syllabus, we are confident that our graduates will be able to utilize their skills and knowledge to the fullest to benefit themselves, their loved ones, clients and folks in need.

Our History