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San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui

For beginners and above

San Yuan Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui "Er Zhai Shi Yan"

For intermediate learners and above

San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

For intermediate learners and above

San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui

For intermediate learners and above

San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia

For advance learners

San He Qi Men Dun Jia

For beginners and above


For beginners and above

Xuan Kong Liu Fa Feng Shui

For intermediate learners and above

Recent Testimonials

As promised, the flying star course has indeed turned me from a noob to someone who can audit a house confidently within the 4 days course. It’s amazing how much secrets we can learn in these 4 days and it’s definitely not all about memorising by the books and everything are logically supported by the daily science and physics.

The course has been a true eye opener and the secrets taught in his classes are never found on anywhere else. 

Master Dennis has been very generous in imparting his knowledge and experiences, even when those that are not covered in the syllabus. 

With this, I would like to thank Master Dennis for his patience in explaining and answering to all my questions and doubts even when some of my questions are repeating and out of the syllabus as well as his generousity in sharing his experiences and knowledge.

Kelly Lim

Hello Master Dennis,

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your patience and professionalism in imparting the sacred knowledge of the Flying Stars feng shui to me. I understand that some questions I raised, have been covered before in class but you have been very patient and understanding to further clarify any doubts I have. I really appreciate that.

Furthermore, I also understand that some questions I asked in class is out of the syllabus and more into the contents of the more advanced courses such as the Advanced Flying stars (Er Zhai Shi Yan) and Da Gua feng shui but I am happy that you are willing to share more information to clarify my doubts, instead it even make me more curious on the more advanced courses contents!!!

To anyone that is reading this testimonial of mine, if you have any doubts in mind on whether to take up this course conducted by Master Dennis, please, rest assured that you will NOT go wrong learning from him.

I have been interested in the different systems of chinese metaphysics such as bazi, zi wei dou shu, feng shui, divination etc. and have spent a lot of time in the past reading up on books, attending online “feng shui” correspondance courses, all the while thinking that I can really learn something authentic from these books…. but NOTHING in the books or online “feng shui” courses comes close to the knowledge that teacher Dennis has!

Just by taking up the Xuan Kong flying stars course, I have learnt waaaaaaaaaaaay much more things and SECRETS that NO BOOKS in the market will share.

If you have taken up other Flying stars courses by other teachers/masters before and think that it is the same as the knowledge of the Wu Chang lineage, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

Just take on a neutral stand and ask yourself, after reading from books or attending the so-called “Feng Shui” courses out in the market, are you confident enough to conduct a Feng Shui audit by yourself? Can you even read the clients history/illnesses/luck trends? (Yes, the authentic system of Flying stars is able to track down what goes on in the house and what happens to the room occupants…)

Do you know how the 81 combinations of the Flying Stars work? It is in fact really easy and no memorisation is even needed!

Rest assured that, if you have only learnt the Flying Stars feng shui based on the book of “Shen Shi Xuan Kong xue” (Mr Shen’s study of Xuan Kong), the Wu Chang lineage of Flying stars being taught here is different.

One may ask, different in what way? Afterall, there is only so much that I can type out here without divulging too much secrets of the course contents so let me list out 1 major difference:

Usually, the “normal” Flying stars feng shui system being taught openly in the market, will first start by locating the center of the house floorplan and overlay the Luo Shu 9 square/palaces directly on top OR divide it according to the BaGua 8 sectors…

Now, have you ever wondered, what happens if 1 room or area contains 2 pairs of numbers from different sectors? Does it make any sense?

Let’s say that the room is air-conditioned, does it make sense that 1 part of the room feels cold whereas another part of the room doesn’t? It doesn’t make sense right? 🙂

In the past, in ancient China were there any accurate floor plans for the people to locate the absolute center of the house? So how did they carry out feng shui audits?

If you have been reading to this line, don’t worry, this testimonial to my teacher Dennis, is something that I wish to contribute of my own will.

If you are worrying that Feng Shui is too complicated and difficult to learn, don’t worry! Teacher Dennis has a good sense of responsibility to take care of his students, you will definitely be able to apply what you learnt in class all by yourself after completing the course.

Best Regards,
Zhen Yuan

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Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui
Full-time study: 4 days, or
Part-time study:
Every Tuesday & Thursday 7pm – 10pm

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